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Makes getting there Extremely Easier

Great application, anyone that gave this app less than 5 stars must just not know how to us a smartphone. It provides great details on numerous AMC terminals for space A travel. I currently serve in the Army and have used this app many times for me and my family.

This is an amendment to my previous post

I have been contacted by Rob G and was advised to simply uninstall and reinstall the app. It now works nearly flawlessly. Just a minor issue with it jumping down 2 or 3 lines when hitting tab when it should ideally jump to the next line for the next entry but that is way minor. Also it did not produce a passbook due to a server error but thats not at all a big deal. The biggest plus is that it saves all my data even when I exit the app which means no more having to enter the same data over and over. Is that cool or what? Also, since all the updates that I have not been on top of since I quit using Take-a-Hop the available info for almost all AMC stations is awesome. It even has the AMC Grams loaded. Its like I got all the AMC stations right in my iPad. Very handy. So please disregard the old post because so far this app is a 5-star rating. Thanks Rob G and my apologies for the rant earlier on. My previous post read: Does not work at all. Just sits and stares at me. Some items can be entered others cannot. Unable to enter countries of destination and sometimes it just crashes. I am using this on an iPad Pro, the latest model and it does not work. Many of the e-mails embedded into take-a-hop are not updated and bases are not receiving the e-mails. Deleted it and will go back to just sending raw e-mails, that way I know Im signing up for Space "A". Not ready for Prime Time.

Great Upgrade.

This app is worth every penny and more. Great upgrade and very user friendly. A go to resource for every space a traveler. My go to source to sign up for flights.

Great app for space a

This is an essential app for space aing. I sign up at a lot of bases because I dont know where I am going. This app makes that simple. Great database of lodging phone numbers and maps. The app has saved me time, trouble, and money.

Essential App

Great app for anyone using military space a. Loads of useful info on bases-maps, lodging, dining options, along with phone numbers and links, and more. Signing up to fly from multiple bases couldnt be simpler. Easy to use and I highly recommend it as an essential tool.

App is the best

The latest update will be very useful. Thanks

A Must-Have as a Military Member

Anyone in the uniformed services and eligible for space-a should be using this app!!! Its awesomely still a one-time price, not a subscription. I got it about 4 years ago and never had to pay again. It gets updated inside like every week with new info without an app store update and then sometimes the outside is updated, too. I talked to the guy doing it, Rob, about 6 months ago and he told me everyones telling him to change it to a subscription. Youll kick yourself if he ever does that! So, about the app. It simplifies the space available signup process and puts darn near everything in one simple place. All of the AMCGRAMS, aircraft seating info (where it might stink on some planes), weather conditions, lodging, travel alerts, links for terminal FB pages, tips on rides. All the stuff you need and a lot that makes things easier. And phone numbers and locations for places AMC doesnt keep up to date. Is it worth it? Every single penny.

Worth the money!

It allowed me to easily sign up for multiple flights simultaneously. The free update has very useful facilities and location information. It is great to finally have all of this in one place. Well done!

Great App

I plan on trying to SpaceA around the country this summer, and having all the SpaceA information at my finger tips is great. Last year, I spent a lot of time locating the Space A number for different bases, sending the emails, then trying to find numbers and types of local transportation. This app has all that information located on my iPhone and iPad. Thanks for making traveling a little easier!

Excellent App

This app has great info for anyone traveling Space A - from the rookie to the seasoned traveler.

One-Of-A-Kind App!

Excellent!!.. A must have App for all military Space A Travelers. It does what its intended for plus more. Superbly created! I love it!

Great tool

This is an awesome tool. Thanks for looking after the travelers!

Was great until.....

It only shows Travis as an AOR...cannot see SEATAC info...please fix!!!!!

This is great

This is a really convenient way to register for military Space A flights. Easy to use, and the developers are prompt with assistance if a problem should arise.

incredibel support

What a great app, i have been traveling spaceA for years and have had to spend many hours finding the info that is at your finger tips with this app signe up, loding, rental cars ect... it makes things so easy, Also i had a minor problem with appels resent update i contacted the provder he got back with me and updated the app within 24hours you cannot beat that kind of service, Thanks

Great app

Please make it iPad friendly (full screen and not 2x) and also please implement search by state and country.


Best app ever for Spacea travelers. I Used this app extensively on my last trip and it was spot on. I give it 6 stars

Additional bases

Can we get March AFRB added? Awesome despite that. If any one else knows of other terminals please share.

Website link?

This is a great app for military standby travelers. However, are there any plans to add a link to each destinations flight information websites?

Half and Half

I am sorry to say this app worked half the time which of course caused delays and money as I went around the world. I found Facebook pages for the terminals more helpful in communicating. They do have a disclaimer with this app so you cant blame them. Thanks for trying but perhaps you could add Facebook as a connection the app to help the travelers.

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